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by Weeping Kin

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An obsidian monolith Rifts in time Light is crumbling Skies divide The fabric of reality is torn All logic gone and forgotten Illusions well and truly shattered Memories seem like a cruel joke, a cheap trick played by our conscience A monstrous charnel house stands as a threat, overshadowing the land The surrounding boneyard housing mountains of grime and the tombs are crammed Aeons have taken their toll. The scent of death from the pyres alight brings out primal fears, not memories of the comfort it may provide A misshapen mass of architecture colours the distance A hue of blood, canvas of unbearable grief Beauty lurks in every corner. God is an artist. This is his masterpiece. Cacophonies of repulsive laughter as the soundscape Hellish creatures tend the grounds and care for the needy There is no solace where no man treads, angels fornicate and demons pray In some ways strangely quiet, peaceful, full of grace
There was a time I possessed all my senses Ruled my domain I cling to remembrance Now all has changed Just part of some game See no colour Have no name I have given up myself My life is a compromise The fog has devoured everything I see myself cornered, my disregard blithe I remember precisely, like yesterday Or so I believe I remember the sensation How it soothed and relieved Once it was a nightmare A dystopia I abhorred Oh how foolish, how magnificent The irony that this is my one true call I write there last words as I see myself vanish The mist claims me I am finally free
From the moment the child embarks on his journey down the river of life, the roar of death’s waterfall fills the valley, always nearer and nearer; it gnaws, gnaws at the child’s happiness. Man looks out over the earth, and it breathes like a great lung; when it exhales, delicate and graceful life teems out of its pores, and all the creatures stretch out their arms to the sun; but when it takes in its breath, a rustle of fragile spirits breaking sweeps through the multitudes, and their corpses lash the ground like showers of hail. Brought from nil into the light Became a secular vice The billionth miracle I am Sunkissed and baptised Flung into earthly delights Clung to the dawn in my sight Blinded I now stand My home I benight Deflowered, the years took their toll Washed you up, buried you beneath soil Macerated your skin and bones Created a dream for you, and you alone Deflowered, the years took their toll Washed me up, buried me beneath soil Macerated my skin and bones Created a nightmare for me, and me alone Indoctrinated Alleviated Assuaged Downplayed Isolation Sublimation Diversion Connection It was passed through generations, father and son Lit up your whole life and made you your home Now time has elapsed, the torch passed onto me The fire has engulfed me, hurt me, broken my zeal At first, I held it in highest esteem Cradled and guarded it like my own flesh and blood A miracle unparalleled, a blessing from a god As this boon enlightens my soul It escalated far beyond my control As I latch onto your breast Your essence shrivelled, parched and famished Your lifeblood exhausted Your breath waning, your joy vanished As you latch onto my breast My essence shrivelled, parched and famished My lifeblood exhausted My breath waning, my joy vanished He sees his genesis in his mother’s womb, he holds out his hand and sees that it has five branches. Where does this accursed five come from, and what does that have to do with his soul? He is no longer simply at one with himself; in terror he touches his body: this is you and you extend so far, and no farther. He carries a meal inside himself, yesterday it was an animal running freely about by its own will, now he is absorbing it, making it a part of himself; where does he begin and where does he end? Things blend into each other in sequences of cause and effect, and everything he tries to seize and hold dissolves before his probing thoughts. Soon he sees mechanics behind everything. At last, the nature of things is only his own nature, nothing exists but himself, every road winds back to himself, the world is but a ghostly echo of his own voice—he leaps up with a shriek and wants to vomit himself onto the earth, together with his foul meal, he feels insanity approaching... Life in a hearse Kill yourself to break this curse Life in a hearse Kill yourself to break this curse
Burgeoning 11:34
Nightfall has embraced me I long for the day I wish I never knew it Nightfall has clasped I long for the day Oh, how wish I never knew it These thorns I bear These thorns I bear in hope to be carried away She came to me at night, enticed me with her smile Her red lips vexed and haunted me for quite a while Arms stretch out, her silky hands bless me with her touch I am hers now, I am but a plaything to a god We have entwined, I sing unto her an ode to cherish her grace My kindred spirit, sole true love The one thing I prize and crave We embrace, your skin so warm It soothes my soul Your grasp so firm, makes us whole We coil and dance through the night Bellow unto the moon Its light reaches me, calls me, claws me away from you I yearn for you, my precious queen My lust has driven me mad I scream and beg, thrash and writhe Shriek until my lungs disperse My body contorts, my pain beyond words Yet I cannot bawl My face a mockery, a sick jest Humanity a buried thought Consciousness subsides For you, an abhorrent sight A festival of rape and gore Now you are with me, my lady and whore
The Yearning 09:57
There is nothing here It is as crystal clear as the purest of waters, yet the constant awareness never fails to enfeeble me In the end, death unites us In the end, all are alone I gather my strength Tear flesh from bone In the end, death unites us In the end, all are alone I gather my strength Tear flesh from bone One cannot fathom the horrors that await. Omnipresent The overwhelming magnitude of the curses that were granted A coliseum of ruthless visages A circus of heartless schadenfreude The glass that is my ebullience splinters. Its shards tear my skin apart. Bleed out the dross, but never cease In the end, death unites us In the end, all are alone I gather my strength Tear flesh from bone In the end, death unites us In the end, all are alone I gather my strength Tear flesh from bone
Her stare pierced through me Her stony figure stirred my spirits The heretics are slaughtered Their blood as sacrifice with their throats slit The marble screamed my name Took me to a sacred place Beautiful cliffs, lush pastures Alluring isles upon deep blue lakes But your grace cannot hold me forever I was taken aback, torn from your heaven Sirens once occupied the entire domain Where now utter silence remains Ancient poems, forlorn tales Enchanting ballads to escape life's maze O Goddess of time and space Nary a scholar has forgotten thee Now be praised and grant my plea Let it be undone what has come to be The ice has thawed, your reign restored My devotion as your life force So seek what thou wilt and take it from me And forever I'll honour and forever I'll kneel O Goddess of time and space Come sulphurous angels and ethereal demons All beauty shall fade and all men must die Like old gods spawned from a titan's seed Thy wheels and cogs grind bones to dust They move what was thought to last I'll flow with the wind and hallow thy name So give unto me what I failed to craft The morning sun came to cleanse my skin To scourge the wickedness and forgive the sins My flogging futile, my scars burnt The guilt too vast for my mind to carry So for pain my flesh years Her stare pierced through me My failures clouding and drawing her grimace Her dismay stings my soul Leaving me doomed to become more committed Thorns follow her voice Leave me no choice Enter my skin Through you I reach redemption Sirens once occupied this entire domain Where now utter silence remains Whatever hardship I may face I know, deep down, I don't have it in me O Goddess of time and space Entities died thought to be divine Vultures may come and feast on earthly remains Yet absolution in your presence we find The flesh is weak, the soul is foul Inscribed on me, divine design So I take solace beneath thy wings And beg that thou may grant me life


First WEEPING KIN album. Recorded, written and released in 2022.


released December 16, 2022

All music and lyrics written by T.O.
All instruments and vocals by T.O.

Artwork by Lord Gawad.
WEEPING KIN logo designed by Artifakt Art.

Produced, mixed and mastered by Tom Ott in Rosebud Music Studios, Amberg


all rights reserved



Weeping Kin Amberg, Germany

Melancholic, melodic Doom Metal

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